Protection of Floodplain and Riparian Processes Upstream of the Navy RR Culverts
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 Central Kitsap Projects Dyes Inlet Protection of Floodplain and Riparian Processes Upstream of the Navy RR Culverts
Organization West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery
Status Planned
Category Category: Acquisition
The Dickerson Creek subbasin area upstream of the Navy railroad is nearly entirely owned by the Ueland Tree Farm. There is greater than 2,500 ft of anadromous fish habitat upstream of the railroad and, while not pristine, the floodplain area through this segment of the stream corridor is relatively intact and there is no development. Protection of the functioning floodplain habitat in this area is an important part of the restoration strategy for Dickerson Creek. Riparian forests have been previously harvested but are in the process of recovery. One exception is an approximately 200 ft long segment upstream of the railroad where the forest is cut along the right of way for overhead powerlines crossing the channel. There is a series of two natural falls on upper Dickerson Creek (at river station 6,000 and 9,000 ft, respectively) connected by a confined channel segment. Immediately upstream of the upper falls is a low concrete dam. Beyond this point, the channel gradient declines and the valley expands to include substantial wetland areas. These wetlands are important for moderating the hydrologic regime and augmenting summer low flows in lower Dickerson and Chico Creeks. Protection of floodplain and riparian areas in the upper Dickerson subbasin should be coordinated with management from Ueland Tree Farm, the primary landowner. Ueland Tree Farm prepared a Preliminary Conservation Plan in 2007. In 2009 Ueland Tree Farm granted a conservation easement to the Mountaineers Foundat
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Chinook-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Puget Sound, Threatened
Chum-Pop (ESU):Chum-Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia, Not Warranted
Coho-Pop (ESU):Coho-Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia, Species of Concern
HUC12:Chico Creek-Frontal Sinclair Inlet (171100190705)
HUC8:Puget Sound (17110019)
Lead Entity Area:West Sound
Legislative District:35
Pink-Pop (ESU):Pink-Odd Year, Not Warranted
Puget Sound Action Areas:North Central Puget Sound
Salmon Recovery Regions:Puget Sound
Steelhead-Pop (ESU):Steelhead-Puget Sound, East Kitsap Peninsula Tributaries, Threatened
Watershed Administrative Unit:Chico Creek
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