About Salmon Recovery Portal

The Lead Entity Salmon Recovery Portal system is the mapping and project tracking tool that allows Lead Entities to share habitat protection and restoration projects with funders and the public. SRP helps Lead Entities relate proposed, current and past project achievements to salmon recovery goals.

Key features of SRP

  • Data sharing and collaboration
  • Mapping and project search tools
  • Reporting and export capabilities
  • Public outreach
  • Privacy and security features
  • Project relationship tracking by geographic scale

Ensuring Priorities are Shared

Salmon Recovery Portal improves planning and program performance because project managers and funders can organize and share planned actions with each other and with technical reviewers. It allows them to see how recovery actions fit together and where future opportunities might be.

About Salmon Recovery Lead Entities

The Lead Entity Program is a watershed and community based approach developed as part of salmon recovery legislation. The 25 Lead Entities across Washington develop locally supported, science-based restoration projects. Lead entities coordinate a process that joins community and science-based salmon recovery priorities. This process has proved successful and has worked to maximize our public investment in restoration.


For additional information about the Salmon Recovery Portal contact Chantell Krider with the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office