Chico Way NW Bridge Replacement and Side Channel Reconnection
#CK Chico C8 #CK Chico C8
 Central Kitsap Projects Dyes Inlet Chico Way NW Bridge Replacement and Side Channel Reconnection
Organization West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery
Status Planned
Priority 1
Category Category: Restoration
This action will open up the floodplain to reduce constriction and aid in the restoration of habitat-forming processes in upstream and downstream reaches. The crossing should be constructed with a longer span and/or additional bridges to enable reconnection of floodplain habitats including potential to restore connectivity with approximately 700 ft of right bank side channel habitat. The two parcels are owned by the same landowner and have a combined value of approximately $300,000 as assessed in the 2012 tax records. Acquisition of these properties for conservation of habitat forming processes was explored as part of an earlier feasibility assessment for realignment of NW Golf Club Hill Road. The landowner was not interested in selling property at the time (2012), however, we recommend that stakeholders continue engaging with landowners should future opportunities to acquire the parcels become feasible. Instream habitat enhancement will require strategic wood placements to increase channel complexity and restore natural stream grade through the incised segment. Floodplain areas will be graded at the upstream and downstream ends to reconnect the side channel.
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Legislative District:35
HUC12:Chico Creek-Frontal Sinclair Inlet (171100190705)
Chinook-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Puget Sound, Threatened
Chum-Pop (ESU):Chum-Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia, Not Warranted
Coho-Pop (ESU):Coho-Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia, Species of Concern
City Areas:Erlands Point-Kitsap Lake
Puget Sound Action Areas:North Central Puget Sound
Pink-Pop (ESU):Pink-Odd Year, Not Warranted
Salmon Recovery Regions:Puget Sound
HUC8:Puget Sound (17110019)
Steelhead-Pop (ESU):Steelhead-Puget Sound, East Kitsap Peninsula Tributaries, Threatened
Lead Entity Area:West Sound
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