Chico Creek Confluence Restoration
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 Central Kitsap Projects Dyes Inlet Chico Creek Confluence Restoration
Organization West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery
Status Planned
Schedule Start Date: 1/3/2018 End Date: 1/2/2021
Priority 3
Category Category: Restoration
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Re-establishing native forest is crucial to the long term restoration of the stream corridor. Recent efforts to remove abandoned buildings from the property create opportunity to re-plant riparian vegetation. The addition of large wood to the stream will not only increase the number of pools and cover, but raise water elevations and improve floodplain connectivity. Minor excavation work can restore ephemeral side channels and wetlands along the left bank floodplain that were filled when the site was farmed. Beavers have been very active in the area and restoration designs at this site (as well as some other locations in the watershed) will need to consider how beavers utilize the area and alter the channel, floodplain, and riparian characteristics of the stream corridor. The site may be ideal for public access where visitors can see a very rare Puget Lowland stream in near-pristine condition (upstream of homestead) and see a locally impacted area in the process of being restored.
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Proposed Cost $350,000
Requested Funds $0
Allocated Funds $0
Spent Funds $0
Balance $0

Legislative District:35
HUC12:Chico Creek-Frontal Sinclair Inlet (171100190705)
Chinook-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Puget Sound, Threatened
Chum-Pop (ESU):Chum-Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia, Not Warranted
Coho-Pop (ESU):Coho-Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia, Species of Concern
Puget Sound Action Areas:North Central Puget Sound
Pink-Pop (ESU):Pink-Odd Year, Not Warranted
Salmon Recovery Regions:Puget Sound
HUC8:Puget Sound (17110019)
Steelhead-Pop (ESU):Steelhead-Puget Sound, East Kitsap Peninsula Tributaries, Threatened
Lead Entity Area:West Sound
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