Grayland Property Assessment
#18-1675 #18-1675
Organization Chehalis Basin Lead Entity
Sponsor Ducks Unlimited Inc
Status Completed
Schedule Start Date: 12/5/2018 End Date: 5/4/2022
Priority 3
Category Category: Planning
The Grayland Property is an approximately 1,750-acre property under private ownership that Ducks Unlimited (DU) and WA Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDWF) are seeking to purchase and protect into public ownership as a new Wildlife Area. DU and WDFW are currently in negotiations with the current landowner to purchase the property, with a closing date by 12/31/2018. The property contains more than 1,100 acres of diverse wetland habitat including tidally influenced estuarine wetlands. However, at least 6 (named and unnamed) fish barriers have been documented at the Site, including Barriers 991295 and 991301. Upon permanent protection, the property offers significant habitat restoration and enhancement opportunities including Sub-Basin Tier 1 and Tier 2 Concerns such as addressing Total Estuary Habitat Loss, Water Quality, and Tributary Connectivity, as well as other concerns for other sub-basins within WRIA 22. This project proposal is a series of initial Site assessment and inventory activities that will serve as baseline information for restoration planning, habitat management, and public use. DU and WDFW propose to collect physical, biological, and chemical information to aid with development of considerations and constraints for improving access and habitat for salmonids including recovery species such COHO, Fall Chinook, and Winter Steelhead that are documented to use habitats adjacent to the property.
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TypeDateFunding OrgFunding ProgramMatchAmount
Requested04/18/2018Ducks Unlimited IncMatch$12,000.00
Requested04/18/2018Salmon Recovery Funding BoardSalmon State Projects$68,000.00
Allocated12/05/2018Ducks Unlimited IncMatch$12,000.00
Allocated12/05/2018Salmon Recovery Funding BoardSalmon State Projects$68,000.00
Spent05/04/2022Ducks Unlimited IncMatch-$12,000.00
Spent05/04/2022Salmon Recovery Funding BoardSalmon State Projects-$68,000.00
Grant Project Agreement Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance
$80,000.00 $80,000.00 $80,000.00 $80,000.00 $0.00
OTHER FUNDING (Funding that is NOT in a grant project agreement)
TypeDateFunding OrgFunding ProgramMatchAmount
Other Funding Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance
Grand Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance

Legislative District:19
Lead Entity Area:Chehalis Basin
Chinook-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Washington Coast, Not Warranted
Chum-Pop (ESU):Chum-Pacific Coast, Not Warranted
Coho-Pop (ESU):Coho-Southwest Washington, Not Determined
HUC12:Elk River-Frontal South Bay (171001050303)
County:Grays Harbor
HUC8:Grays Harbor (17100105)
WRIA:Lower Chehalis
Steelhead-Pop (ESU):Steelhead-Washington Coast, Not Warranted
Salmon Recovery Regions:Washington Coast
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