CCNRD Wenatchee Adopt a River
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 Wenatchee Sub-basin CCNRD Wenatchee Adopt a River
Organization Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board Lead Entity
Status Planned
Schedule Start Date: 7/11/2011
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Chelan County Natural Resources Deparment has started a program to clearn up the Wenatchee River. Since 2009, this program has removed over 9000 pounds of debris from the river.

The Wenatchee River and its tributaries provide critical habitat for many life stages of Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed endangered spring Chinook, steelhead, threatened bull trout and other key species that depend on good water quality. Recreational use is very high on the Wenatchee River throughout much of the year with the river being one of the most popular whitewater destinations in Washington State. Large un-natural debris such as cars or car parts, miscellaneous metal, and everyday trash can be found in the river. This trash and debris decreases water quality, aesthetic appeal, and poses a safety hazard to recreational users. By adopting a section of river your group can improve water quality for endangered species and help protect a valuable resource to the local community.

Here's how to get involved.
Form a group to clean up the river. Determine whether your group will float or walk the stream bank. Pick a date for your clean up event; we recommend dates from late July through October to avoid spring high water levels. Register your group with Adopt-a-River, contact Matt Shales (509) 667-6436. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment (gloves, garbage bags, first aid kit, etc…). Chelan County can provide garbage bags and gloves. Have a disposal or recycling plan, Chelan County may be able to pick up your garbage. If we cannot provide this service we can help coordinate with local disposal and recycling services. Conduct the cleanup, have fun, be safe, and be sure to report your results on our website.
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