Nason Creek LWP Alcove Acquisition
#SRP-11-16994 #SRP-11-16994
 Wenatchee Sub-basin Nason Creek Nason Creek LWP Alcove Acquisition
Organization Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board Lead Entity
Sponsor Chelan-Douglas Land Trust
Status Completed
Schedule Start Date: 12/8/2011 End Date: 8/8/2014
Priority 1
Category Category: Acquisition
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The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust reassembled parcels from 3 different landowners to acquire 14.99 acres in the Lower White Pine Reach of Nason Creek, that flows into the Wenatchee River, a tributary of the Columbia River. The Lower White Pine Alcove at RM 11.2-11.4 protects both sides of the riverbank for 1100 feet (over 2200 feet overall). The project also permanently protect acres of floodplain and a year-round watered alcove that was the former main channel of Nason Creek. Nason Creek is a Category 2 stream, a major spawning area for endangered spring Chinook and steelhead and a core area for threatened bull trout ). Tier 1 actions are to “protect existing riparian habitat and channel migration floodplain function.” Using the Bureau of Reclamation reach assessment recommendations, these properties were ranked among the highest of 70 private holdings for protection in the 10 miles between RM 4.6 and 14 constituting the Upper White Pine, Lower White Pine, and Kahler reaches. This site is within the 2.5 mile Reach 3, in which the Chelan PUD's 2010 spawning survey reported 33% of the spring Chinook redds for all of Nason Creek, representing 19% of the redds in the Wenatchee Basin. For steelhead, 27% of the redds in the Wenatchee Basin were in Nason Creek, and most of the spawning was in Reach 3. At the same time as CDLT was working on the acquisition, the Yakama Nation was planning and implementing a restoration project on part of the property. The Nason Creek Floodplain is restrained in this area to 800+ feet between Highway 2 and the BNSF railway, but of which ciut off historic meanders. The Creek has moved around significantly within these two rigid barriers. Part of the acquired property was cleared many years ago for grazing, resulting in easily erodable soils. The main channel had been cutting away at the bank on the Click property, moving ever closer to the downstream neighbor's garage and home. The Yakama Nation project, constructed in 2014, created a pilot channel and reinforced the eroding bank with large qualtities of buried and exposed wood, interspersed with ripaian plantings drilled in to water depth. The project is almost entirely located on the subject property now owned by CDLT.
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TypeDateFunding OrgFunding ProgramMatchAmount
Requested08/08/2011Chelan-Douglas Land TrustMatch$44,700.00
Requested08/08/2011Recreation and Conservation OfficeSalmon State Projects$250,000.00
Allocated01/10/2014Chelan-Douglas Land TrustMatch$72,000.00
Allocated01/10/2014Recreation and Conservation OfficeSalmon Federal Projects$281,000.00
Spent08/08/2014Chelan-Douglas Land TrustMatch-$72,000.00
Spent08/08/2014Recreation and Conservation OfficeSalmon Federal Projects-$281,000.00
Grant Project Agreement Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance
$294,700.00 $294,700.00 $353,000.00 $353,000.00 $0.00
OTHER FUNDING (Funding that is NOT in a grant project agreement)
TypeDateFunding OrgFunding ProgramMatchAmount
Other Funding Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance
Grand Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance

Legislative District 2022:12
Chinook-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Upper Columbia River Spring, Wenatchee River, Endangered
Chinook2-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Upper Columbia River Summer/Fall, Not Warranted
HUC12:Lower Nason Creek (170200110203)
Steelhead-Pop (ESU):Steelhead-Upper Columbia River, Wenatchee River, Threatened
Lead Entity Area:Upper Columbia
Salmon Recovery Regions:Upper Columbia River
HUC8:Wenatchee (17020011)
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