Chico Watershed and Estuary
#210-22-003 U #210-22-003 U
Organization West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery
Status Planned
Schedule Start Date: 1/1/2008 End Date: 9/8/2025
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The 'Chico Estuary Driveway' effort is a subset of the Chico Estuary Restoration Project. The overall project's purposes are (1) to remove Kitty Hawk Drive culvert--a partial fish blockage to 17 miles of prime salmon spawning and rearing habitat (68 miles of streams altogether); (2) to restore 1.2 acres of Puget Sound estuarine habitat by removal of Kitty Hawk road fill; (3) to restore natural ecological processes (remove bulkhead and invasive vegetation); and (4) to facilitate public use and enjoyment of the site. Chico Creek is by far the West Sound Watersheds area's most productive salmon stream, with 70,000 chum in a good year. Its 100-acre delta contains the only commercial shellfish bed in eastern Kitsap County. In the 1960's the State Highway Department built SR3 and Kitty Hawk Drive on fill as deep as 50' on historic salt marsh. This project will remove the County-owned culvert and road fill in support of anticipated state and federal investments (~$20M) to construct a bridge for Chico Creek at SR3--which will remove 4 acres of estuarine fill and one of the highest priority fish blockages in the State.
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