Fry Creek Restoration and Flood Reduction Design
#16-2030 #16-2030
 Grays Harbor Estuary Management Unit Fry Creek Fry Creek Restoration and Flood Reduction Design
Organization Chehalis Basin Lead Entity
Sponsor City of Aberdeen
Status Active
Schedule Start Date: 5/4/2016 End Date: 6/30/2023
Priority 3
Category Category: Planning
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Fry Creek passes through developed urban areas of Aberdeen and Hoquiam before discharging to Grays Harbor. During high rainfall events, the flow exceeds the capacity of the channel and the creek floods adjacent urban residential and commercial areas, affecting homes, businesses, roadways, and vital operations. In addition to direct flooding, city storm sewers that are hydraulically connected to the creek surcharge when it floods, contributing to significant flooding in low-lying areas not immediately adjacent to the creek such as Cherry Street farther east in the City of Aberdeen. This project will build on the work completed in the Timberworks Master Plan (to be complete October 2016) to create a 30% design for restoration of Fry Creek to reduce flooding by improving conveyance, storage, and outfall conditions in the creek system. Additional goals include habitat restoration and improved public access to Fry Creek. The outcome will be a 30% design and cost estimate for restoration of Fry Creek. The work will include performing a hydraulic/hydrologic analysis of the basin to determine the anticipated flow of Fry Creek where it passes through the cities, as well as to identify constrictions and model proposed restoration geometry. The final product will be 30% level plans and an engineer's estimate of probable costs that will be used to seek funding (taxes, levies, or grants) for final design and construction.
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TypeDateFunding OrgFunding ProgramMatchAmount
Requested05/12/2016Recreation and Conservation OfficeCBS Flood$150,000.00
Allocated11/24/2021Recreation and Conservation OfficeCBS Flood$645,000.00
Spent11/08/2021Aberdeen City ofMatch-$0.00
Spent11/08/2021Recreation and Conservation OfficeCBS Flood-$500,000.00
Grant Project Agreement Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance
$500,000.00 $150,000.00 $645,000.00 $500,000.00 $145,000.00
OTHER FUNDING (Funding that is NOT in a grant project agreement)
TypeDateFunding OrgFunding ProgramMatchAmount
Other Funding Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance
Grand Totals Proposed Requested Allocated Spent Balance

Legislative District 2022:24
City Areas:Aberdeen
Lead Entity Area:Chehalis Basin
Chinook-Pop (ESU):Chinook-Washington Coast, Not Warranted
Chum-Pop (ESU):Chum-Pacific Coast, Not Warranted
Coho-Pop (ESU):Coho-Southwest Washington, Not Determined
HUC12:Fry Creek-Frontal Grays Harbor (171001050204)
County:Grays Harbor
HUC8:Grays Harbor (17100105)
WRIA:Lower Chehalis
Steelhead-Pop (ESU):Steelhead-Washington Coast, Not Warranted
Salmon Recovery Regions:Washington Coast
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