McDonald Creek Restoration
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 Cloquallum River Management Unit Vance Creek McDonald Creek Restoration
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Jarred Figlar-Barnes, in cooperation with the Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force and the Grays Harbor Stream Team, has identified a multi-phased restoration project on McDonald Creek, which flows 5.6 miles through Elma, empties into Vance Creek, which then empties into the Chehalis River. The project will remove barrier culverts identified in the basin-wide barrier evaluation and ranking, involve landowners through riparian fencing projects, and involve students and the community in riparian plantings and litter clean-ups. McDonald Creek has historically supported runs of coho and cutthroat trout. McDonald Creek also poses some flooding concerns to landowners, which could be lessened through some of the restoration work. The McDonald Creek headwaters flow through wetland habitat that is ideal for rearing. Jarred has identified 3 phases of work that could be completed by the time he graduates Elma High School in 2015. We expect to use a variety of funding sources to complete this multi-phase restoration project, but we wanted to provide an overall scope of the project in this narrative.

(SRFB Project 2011:
Phase 1 is comprised of 6 projects, scheduled to begin in 2011. Project 3 has already received funding from the Dept. of Ecology.
-Project 1 will put in a riparian buffer zone along the creek from the lower bridge to the Marion Rd. box culvert. Also do some re-channelization work by adding meanders. Fencing for approximately 2,437 feet of stream.
-Project 2 will remove a shotgun culvert beneath a field access rd and replace it with a larger bottomless arch culvert or a bridge. This culvert acts as a fish barrier during low flows and a velocity barrier during high flows. There is also a very large plunge pool below the culvert. Mason CD has agreed to do the engineering and design work for this project.
-Project 3 will retro-fit an existing county owned culvert by removing a small concrete blockage below the culvert, raising the streambed with gravels, and adding LWD to the stream to hold the gravel in place and prevent bank erosion.
-Project 4 will work with the WA Dept. of Transportation to clear vegetation from their Hwy 12 box culvert. The vegetation is currently acting as a barrier to flow and possibly fish passage. The culvert meets fish passage standards.
-Project 5 will put in a small riparian zone at a farm field above Hwy 12 along 660 feet of McDonald Creek. Use volunteers and school kids to plant riparian zone. This will improve water quality of the creek by preventing cow access.
-Project 6 will remove an old undersized city-owned culvert under East Waldrip St. Replace it with either a box culvert or small bridge.)

Phase 2 consists of 3 projects, scheduled to begin in 2012-2013.
-Project 1 will observe the construction of a church along 750 ft of McDonald Creek. The landowners are interested in working with the community to do a blackberry removal and some riparian restoration along their section of stream. They have offered the use of heavy equipment to remove some blackberries. There is also an opportunity to replace a culvert under the road that was put in as a temporary culvert a few years back.
-Project 2 will observe the construction of the new Mark Reed hospital. The hospital is spending approximately $200,000 to restore portions of McDonald Creek flowing through their property. They will re-direct McDonald Creek to its historic channel, add gravels, increase banks and capacity to hold flood waters. They will also add LWD and native plants to stream banks. Jarred has been in close contact with Key Environmental Solutions for the work on the hospital site.
-Project 3 will look at the feasibility of re-grading the West Fork of McDonald Creek so that it's fish passable.

Phase 3 consists of 8 projects, scheduled to begin in 2013-2015.
-Project 1 will improve or replace the box culvert under Oakhurst Dr.
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